The Fernandes Law Firm specializes in representing companies and individuals located in or doing business in Wisconsin. We specifically focus on the following areas:

  • Buying and Selling Small Businesses
  • Property, lease, customer and vendor¬†contracts
  • Formation and administration of Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Business and Corporate Finance, including private financing and lending
  • Shareholder and Member Agreements
  • Internet Law and Intellectual Property basics

The Fernandes Law Firm also advises individuals and companies on related matters, including Internet service contracts, agreements admitting additional shareholders or partners to existing companies, forming, merging and selling companies, as well as maintaining corporate records and books.

Some of the recent transactions include:

  • Represented Seller in a Stock Sale for a Computer Call Center, as well as redrafted related Corporations End User License Agreement, Value-Added Reseller Agreement, and Non-exclusive Software Distribution License/Agreement for new technology applications.
  • Drafted Option to Purchase a food manufacturing company, including an Exclusive Distributor and Supply Agreement effective throughout the option period, and formed the needed acquisition entity and supplemental agreements.
  • Successfully positioned and closed third-party debt/equity financing for a closely-held engine manufacturing company contracted by the US Marine Corps.
  • Negotiated a wide range of corporate forms and business documents: ¬†Internet service contracts; agreements admitting shareholders/partners to existing entities; forming, merging and selling companies, as well as maintaining corporate records and books.
  • Sold the assets of a Phoenix-based, high technology company to a publicly traded, Seattle- based dot-com organization, resulting in a seven-figure purchase price.